Show room

Design of the Mainzer headquarter show room

The use of SCHOTT´s own materials in the new showroom emphazises the sovereign position of SCHOTT.

In spring 2011, the German SCHOTT AG, a multinational, technology based group developing and manufacturing special glass, specialty materials, components and systems, opened its new show room designed by Milla & Partner. SCHOTT´s strength in design and innovation is highlighted by the use of high quality building materials from their architecture and lighting section. The inspiring surrounding may also be used for business meetings. In the „Focus“ exhibition area visitors can view new developments, on the „Labor“ tables they are invited to experiment with different glass materials and patterns of color and design. The „Show window“, which is also used as setting for house events, introduces product implementations, lifestyle examples and reference projects. For definition and demarcation of the 3 exhibition parts Milla & Partner used precise coordinated lighting atmospheres. The new brand space is located on the company´s site in Mainz.

„The new Home Tech Center is showcase and workshop alike. The modern presentation makes the products palpable and connects customers with the CERAN brand. Here, innovation and technology meet emotion.”

Salvatore Ruggiero, Vice President Marketing and Communication SCHOTT AG
  • Overall design and spatial planning
  • Selection and integration of SCHOTT products
  • Creation of a dynamic architecture by changing light moods
  • Adaptable to specific target groups or clients

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