Black Trydays

The Black Trydays - a lockdown ray of light

In a concerted campaign, Essilor is offering a special Black Friday treat to ophthalmic opticians and their customers. Seeing something with your own eyes, experiencing it with your own body and so becoming inspired – that is "experience" in the true sense. Where could this be more fundamental and real than when buying high-quality glasses? Black Friday becomes Black Trydays!

Shopping made experiential – Experience made shoppable

With a perfectly orchestrated package of digital and classical activation measures, Essilor Marketing supports opticians from awareness to the point of sale – with intelligently interlocking modules that accompany customers into the store across all touchpoints: at the exact spot where customers live and shop, with an unmistakable design that immediately catches the eye as a Black Friday promotion, but simultaneously transports the theme “glasses” and the added value for customers.

Customers are addressed on various levels, but always in their local context: on their optician´s social media channels, with online banner ads, newspaper ads, billboards and directly in the shop windows. The roll-out is nationwide, but everything is individualized to the respective optician's store, e.g. personal branding or self-defined conditions for bargains. The various communicative measures lead customers to individually branded landing pages, where they find all the information they need about the chosen optician. And, with just one click or conveniently via Google Maps, the landing pages also take customers directly to the chosen store. In the store, ceiling hangers, shelf wobblers and balloons come straight to the point: "Try it. See it. Love it." Charming and striking, the obligatory mouth-and-nose mask conveys the message on every optician's face, whilst leaving the eyes visible: these are all framed with beautiful eyewear. In-Store monitors transport the message in clips, and table displays ensure clear communication at the point of sale.

In the heterogeneous environment of the pedestrian zone, the large-format shop window stickers set the focus: With a partially transparent front layer on the glass and a second layer in the shop window, the key visual becomes spatial and allows the viewer to anticipate what he can expect: to see it with his own eyes.

„We love it, too. Great design, top execution. A ray of light that paves the way for our customers during the lockdown.”

Jasmin-Isabelle Köhne, Marketing Director, Essilor Germany

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