Trade Fair Stand Opti

Experiential space for the interplay between e-commerce and retail

With a distinctive, independent design, Brille24 is part of world market leader Essilor´s trade fair stand at Opti 2020. The brand presentation reveals the new omnichannel model by Brille24 and Essilor with the a POS element family developed by Milla & Partner for opticians and the new eyewear collection.

Discover the new Brille24: online and optician go hand in hand

Brille24 is adopting a completely new approach with its omnichannel model. Recognizing the need to adhere to the changing shopping behaviour of customers, participating opticians are now enabled to use online potentials in a smart way in their local stores. This development becomes palpable on the stand: with its start-up spirit, it conveys a feeling of awakening. The circular motif guides the visitor's gaze as if through two oversized focus lenses directly to the central message. With the new POS family in the front "Focus Room", Brille24 shows how online retail and stationary trading go hand in hand. Brille24 communicates consistently digital: on large-format screens, the omnichannel model, the new digital platform and more can be experienced interactively. The stand so becomes part of Essilor's Advanced Vision Experience.

A spatial measure becomes a confidence-building measure

A dialogue zone in the rear area of the stand also reflects the spirit of partnership in the new brand presence. Two long inviting tables form a grand communicative gesture - here everyone comes together, here there is space for authentic and partnership-based discussions, here the feeling is underpinned: we are business partners at eye level.

Online meets retail at the point of sale

With a modular family of POS elements, the online world of Brille24 connects to the optician's shop and conveys the range of frames and glasses in a very small space. Customers perceive the brand Brille24 and can rediscover the online offers. The customer journey begins online, leads to a purchase or service in the store and vice versa.

„With this striking design, we presented ourselves as a transformed brand – with a clear leap out of the price-driven corner.”

Frank Walenda – Director Omnichannel Network Essilor/Brille24
  • Stand architecture: concept, design and planning
  • Communication: concept, design, accompanying communication measures

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