Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg

Mobility Columns

Communication design for the urban space

Climate-friendly mobility is becoming ever more important. The Mobility Columns developed by Milla & Partner will soon be marking sustainable mobility knots in Baden-Württemberg and making the diverse efforts of municipalities and mobility providers more visible and accessible.

The user´s needs and their perception in everyday life were decisive for the development. The project responds to challenges such as traffic, advertising, infrastructure and various spatial situations that influence people's perception. The design is based on the image of a helpful concierge: friendly and concise. The four-meter-high, three-sided columns on a narrow base are in Baden-Württemberg´s national colors of black and yellow. They are complemented by visible wood to not only constructively redeem the sustainable claim of the project, but also to create a sensual experience.

„The design of the Mobility Columns was developed in an agile work process based on an analysis of the umbrella brand, the most diverse places of mobility and on the needs of the users and the municipalities as installers and operators.”

Sebastian Letz, Creative Direction and Partner

More Visibility for Climate-friendly mobility offers

The newly developed pictograms on the Mobility Columns show the available sustainable means of transport in the area. They point the direct way to them on a map and on the ground. Via QR codes, users are linked to the local digital offers of mobility service providers. While one side of the column is reserved for the map of the surroundings, one page for background information on the situation of sustainable mobility and, if necessary, an advertisement for a bike counting station, the municipalities are free in the design the third side. Here, there is space for information about the location, tourist information, or the presentation of other projects on sustainable mobility. Optionally, bike traffic in the surrounding area can be made visible on an integrated display. Depending on the location, the column can also become part of an ensemble with a bench and a bicycle parking facility in the same design.

To ensure climate friendliness and easy installation and commissioning, the electricity for the evening lighting is generated by means of an integrated photovoltaic system in the upper third of the column. The foundations are also supplied as a prefabricated component. The roll-out of the Mobility Columns began with a pilot phase in 2020 in selected municipalities with exemplary mobility offerings.

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