Nature Reserve Stromberg-Heuchelberg e.V.

Nature Reserve Visitors´ Center

Wine. Woods. Wellbeing.

On approximately 400 square meters, the exhibition in the visitors´ centre provides information on various aspects of the nature reserve Stromberg-Heuchelberg.

The leitmotif of the nature reserve is the leitmotif of the exhibition: „Wine. Woods. Wellbeing.“ It aims at rousing the curiosity of different age and interest groups. Visitors of the exhibition are encouraged to explore the nature park with its forests, orchards, vineyards and expanses of water, to get to know the people, animals and plants that characterize this landscape, and enjoy the regional specialties.

Discover the Phantom of the Stromberg!

The newly designed wildcat exhibition informs about the habits of these invisible hunters and aims to raise awareness for the conservation of the wild cat. The Stromberg-Heuchelberg Nature Park is one of the largest habitats in Baden-Württemberg – yet hardly anyone ever gets to see the cat. Therefore, the exhibition´s motto is: Discover the Phantom of the Stromberg! The exhibition answers a great many questions about these rare creatures: What do they feed on? How do they differ from the domestic cat? Can the cats see and hear better than humans? And what makes the cat the perfect mouse predator?

„The nature park Stromberg-Heuchelberg as a large protected area is characterized by the production of wine. It´s a cheerful, friendly, picturesque landscape. This impression of the nature park is well characterized in the exhibition design and reflects on the visitors.”

Dietmar Gretter, Director Naturpark Stromberg-Heuchelberg e.V.
  • Overall concept, planning and implementation
  • Medial transposition of the exhibition areas
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Development of analog and digital exhibits

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