Milla & Partner

New Citizens Castle

A place of public spirit

The new castle is the spatial and historical centre of Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg. But the heart of the country is closed to the public.

At Milla & Partner, we feel a special responsibility for our home bases Stuttgart and Berlin. Our reasoning behind the initiative concept for the New Citizens Castle in Stuttgart is that the largest community is that of non-voters. Also, we feel that in our society, both nationwide and local, the communal spirit is forever dwindeling. With this project, young people can learn and experience being part of our society, experience what it feels like to be relied on and committed to something.

Its reconstruction after the war turned the castle into an office building for Ministry officials. The proposed concept for the New Citizens Castle now aims to transform it into a joyful, inspiring place of public spirit and the determination of identity. This will not be a luxury reconstruction. Non-listed areas will be transformed, simple, usable rooms created, such as a political laboratory for school classes, rooms for citizen participation, for performances and exhibitions about culture, science, regional studies and the future, a castle kindergarten and a wedding salon for migrants.