Interactive Exhibits

Exhibits for energy that transforms

SMA Solar Technology AG, the world market and technological leader for photovoltaic inverters, commissioned Milla & Partner to design a family of interactive exhibits for the foyer of their newly opened headquarter in Niestetal, Germany.

Following the motto „Energy that changes“, the exhibits vividly demonstrate SMA´s history and technological activity in the past 30 years.

Depending on individual interest and time budget, each visitor can choose the required level of information: It is possible to get a quick overview or to experience details and background information on selected subjects. The exhibits enable co-workers, customers and other visitors to surf through a network of ideas, scroll through a medially charged photo album, navigate along a time bar through the history of solar energy or actually experience how a photovoltaic inverter works.

The design of the exhibits reflects the architecture of the building itself. They are highly flexible concerning structure and content, and can easily be extended and updated.

„Design for the easy „grasp“ of complex content.”

Peter Ludwig, client consultant and project manager
  • Concept, design and implementation of mobile, interactive themed stations for the HQ foyer
  • Scalability & flexibility of mobile elements for multiple use e.g. at trade fairs or use in the foyer as event space
  • Customized CMS solution for flexible display and updating the theme stations
  • Spatialization of the SMA corporate identity with style guides for the history and brand essence theme stations