Trade Ministry Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg House EXPO Dubai

A global stage for the Baden-Württemberg Spirit

Baden-Württemberg is the only federal state in the world to have its own pavilion at the Expo in Dubai – an unparalleled opportunity to present the state´s unique innovation ecosystem to visitors from all over the world.

192 pavilions will be competing for the biggest, most spectacular presentation – the Baden-Württemberg House takes a different approach and contrasts with deceleration, calm, precision, and with a smile. The exhibition in the pavilion combines innovation, creativity, commitment, free thinking and cultural heritage to create a unique platform. It shows which framework conditions are suitable for producing solutions for the future.


The path through the exhibition on the upper floor begins with an inside view of the parametrically designed wooden façade of the pavilion. This path with its exploratory character gives visitors insights into the special quality of life in the state of Baden-Württemberg. They will experience nature and culture, but also how people live and work here. Wood is the building material of an urban and climate-neutral future. The timber hybrid house embodies the innovation and sustainability region of Baden-Württemberg and is a showcase for the art of engineering, interdisciplinary collaboration and the importance of sustainability in the state.


At the center of the exhibition lies the projected "Source of Innovation", the symbol of the country's innovative power. On its surface, the Source opens views into special milestones in the history of innovation in Baden-Württemberg: with people, innovations, stories and ideas, the BW spirit comes alive in the Source. The space´s extraordinary atmosphere invites visitors to pause and let this spirit take effect. It is a source of thought and inspiration and a place to decelerate, a contrast to the loud and colorful Expo world outside the pavilion.

„The basis of any innovation is always a stable set of values - freedom of thought, art and science.”

Peter Redlin, CEO and Creative Director at Milla & Partner


In a small clearing at the center of the intro, visitors will encounter a group of exhibits from science, art, culture and technology from Baden-Württemberg: Replicas from Oskar Schlemmer´s Triadic Ballet, the "Venus vom Hohle Fels" - the first sculpture by mankind - and a robot. They embody the special spirit of the state and stand for the interdisciplinary network and mutual exchange: a recipe for Baden-Württemberg´s success with innovation and inspiration in the past, present and future.

The field of innovation

In a concentrated atmosphere, guests can individually explore projects and initiatives from Baden-Württemberg at interactive stations: Solutions and ideas from the fields of infrastructure, mobility, architecture, industry 4.0, energy, AI and bioeconomy. Seemingly endless, the strong, interdisciplinary network and exhibition continues in the space, creating a magical atmosphere: Baden-Württemberg as a unique innovation ecosystem becomes tangible.

"Forest Diary": A poetic cinematic panorama of Baden-Württemberg

What are the secrets hidden in the depths of Baden-Württemberg's forests? Where deer and griffins say good morning to each other, millennia-old cultural treasures come to light and culinary spirits float through the waters ... The film "Forest Diary" reveals the answers: through scenic insights and views into the state's forests, visitors get to know Baden-Württemberg and its unique natural places and characteristics. The beauty and poetry of the landscape and the many small creative, imaginative stories scattered throughout paint a picture of a charming state - livable and surprisingly humorous. A state that is well worth visiting and discovering.

„Our presence at the Expo was a huge and unique opportunity for our companies, our science, the cultural scene and our tourism - and we took advantage of it. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the entire team at Baden-Württemberg Haus for presenting such a good business card for the state.”

Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Secretary of Trade Baden-Württemberg

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future: EXPO DUBAI 2020

The world exhibition Expo 2020 will take place in Dubai. The motto is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future". Due to the Corona Pandemic, it has been postponed for one year and will now open in October 2021. Milla & Partner has been commissioned by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Trade to design and implement the pavilion exhibition following a tendering procedure. Responsible for the construction and operation of the BW Haus is Baden-Württemberg Expo 2020 Dubai GmbH, which is managed by its shareholders, the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers (INGBW), Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG (FWTM) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO.The architecture of the BW House is based on the design by the consortium VON M, Knippers Helbig und Transsolar, adapted by the Projektgesellschaft and Nüssli.

  • Concept, design and planning of all spatial measures of the exhibition including the interior fittings and exhibition furniture
  • Interdisciplinary overall concept and experience design
  • Development of customer journey
  • Conception, design, editing and production of all media content
  • CGI, animation, UX, UI design, front & back end development, prototyping
  • Exhibit development and design
  • Lighting concept

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