Big Rösti Winter World

Those magical winter moments!

The magical Big Rösti Winter World: designed by Milla & Partner for McDonald's and Scholz & Friends.

The Big Rösti – darling of the McDonald's community – is a burger only available in winter and for a limited time. As the backdrop for a TV spot celebrating the return of the burger, Milla & Partner staged the Big Rösti Winter World for Scholz & Friends and their client McDonald's in the courtyard of the scenic Ludwigsburg Baroque Palace. After filming, the snowball was open to the public for four days.

Inside the walk-in snowball, visitors delve into a media-staged, immersive 360-degree winter wonderland, brought to life by a fascinating 360-degree dome projection. The experience, designed as a show, lasts eight minutes and culminates in a completely analogue, sensual experience: a Big Rösti served to everyone in the audience.

Video: McDonald´s / S&F

A complex lightweight structure

The construction of the snowball follows the principle of an air dome. The underlying function is based on a special shell that is stabilised by overpressure. The result is a 9 metre high spherical structure, 12 metres in diameter, with a visual lightness that barely hints at the complexity of the building. Inside, the lower third of the shell is clad with a stylised, snow-covered 3D mountain landscape, with a picturesque cabin standing in the centre. A 360-degree projection is shown on the dome of the cupola.

M for magical – the show in the snowball

Inside the snowball, the audience finds itself in a magical atmospheric winter wonderworld. Visitors can interact with the projection via touch-sensitive surfaces and bring it to life. As dawn breaks, a 360-degree winter panorama unfolds, allowing visitors to relive a jam-packed winter's day in fast motion: From sunrise throughout the day to the Northern Lights at night, this poetic panorama has many little stories playing out all around, like a hidden object picture.

A snowball fight causes the dome to freeze over and suddenly everything seems to stiffen under a majestic blanket of ice. But then, the atmosphere changes again: golden light illuminates the scenery, suddenly the shutters of the McDonald's cabin open – and from the hut, all visitors are presented with their Big Rösti.

„Only when visitors interact to fill the space with their winter wishes can they bring the winter world to life – a world in which events are constantly unfolding, in which gripping moments and atmospheric scenes intertwine, in which big and small stories allow everyone to experience the most beautiful winter moments.”

Robin Palleis, Partner and Creative Director Milla & Partner

From scratch to WOW in 60 days

Milla & Partner had just two months from the initial briefing to completion. To find an atmospheric, historical site in a central location – despite the Christmas market season –, design and execution planning of the snowball construction, development of the storyline and design of the interior, development and realisation of the media show as well as coordination with the appropriate authorities for the inner courtyard of the listed baroque palace.

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