Brand Experience in the Center of Climate

The Space for Spatial Climate

Indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoors – making it all the more important that we address our indoor living habits to increase comfort, health and well-being.

For over 90 years, Zehnder has specialised in developing innovative solutions for an energy-efficient and comfortable indoor climate. To bring the brand, products and systems to life, Milla & Partner designed a brand experience space for the new "Center of Climate" in Lahr that focuses on the variety of products in various cases.

Over the past few years, the Center of Climate was created on almost 5,000 square meters at the German headquarters of the Swiss indoor climate specialist – a new center that not only includes office space, meeting and conference rooms, a canteen with a café as a meeting place, but also training rooms and practical workshops and the brand experience center. Here, competence and passion for a healthy indoor climate can be experienced at first hand and it becomes clear that the definition of climate extends far beyond the three pillars of comfort, health and energy efficiency: "always the best climate" is not just the company’s claim, but a holistic promise.

The significance of the new building is two-fold: a space for innovative ideas, and for meetings and exchange between employees, visitors and customers.

The open brand experience space, which is located directly in the glazed entrance area of the building, serves as the center of communication. It is a dynamic place full of life: Employees pass through the space on their way to their workplace or the conference rooms, while customers, partners and potential team members are welcomed here at the start of their visitor journey.

Communication and exploration

The "Pure Living Pop-ups" enable content to be explored in greater depth: Five monochrome sceneries illustrate living and working areas and present Zehnder products and solutions in their applications. In terms of color and design, abstract worlds were created based on the Pure Living Brand Experience platform developed by Milla & Partner for ISH digital 2021. They show how good indoor climate affects people and their respective needs. Topics are conveyed on two content levels: While an illustrative staging combined with real Zehnder products unfolds from the rollable cases to the front and integrates suggested furniture as communication surfaces, concrete technical questions are answered on the back using infographics, but also real accessories: the end customer’s perspective can be taken on board in the same way as skilled craftsmen and planners are addressed in an exhibition element.

Seven "sidecars" accompany these pop-ups and provide condensed information on the company’s technology and product focus areas – optimally combining product, application area and customer benefits. These small exhibits are also flexible and mobile and, like the collapsible "Pure Living Pop-ups," can be rolled aside and stored to save space when events are held.

Tradition and Vision

The exhibition and experience space is complemented by three wall graphics that focus on Zehnder’s history, the company and its future. The first provides an overview of the corporation, enriched with facts, figures and data. Here, visitors can delve deeper into the company’s structure and development and explore information individually. An oversized black-and-white motif provides a glimpse into production around 1930 and lends emotion to the historical heritage of craftsmanship and innovation. Zehnder’s mind map provides a glimpse into the future, linking megatrends, future topics and strategic development fields.

„For Zehnder at the Lahr site, the Center of Climate is an absolute asset, because it is unique: With the brand experience space, we can present, explore and contextualize the significance of indoor climate. A new communicative focal point has been created in the heart of Europe, which makes the core of the Zehnder brand - "always the best climate" - tangible for both trade customers and end customers.”

Eva-Maria Freßle, Head of Marketing Communications Zehnder Group Germany
  • Development of exhibition dramaturgy and spatial staging
  • Development of customer journey
  • Concept, design and planning of all space-creating measures
  • Concept, editing and design of all exhibition content and exhibits
  • Development and design of an analog graphic concept

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