Digital Toolbar

Digital Toolbar

The Digital Toolbar is the new communicative and spatial center for the TRUMPF corporate exhibition.

It enables the interactive explanation of the company competencies to visitor groups: corporate and product information, mega-trends and facts & figures. The toolbar serves the guides as presentation medium with two 55 " displays. Using intuitive multi-touch sensor technology, they can to navigate through subjects and applications and explain complex content. This results in communicative situations and especially guided tours in larger groups are possible without visual impairment. With the LED ceiling element it is possible to create individual lighting moods which respond to different visitor situations.

Milla & Partner also renewed, lifted, and optimized the existing exhibition, so that continuous updates are now easily possible.

„An intense spatial experience. Lively and yet concise content sending good messages. Technically impressive. Fine nuances and the big picture - always in the corporate culture and the brand spirit.”

Heidi-Melanie Meier, TRUMPF press and public relations
  • Concept, design, planning and execution of the redesign of the exhibition
  • Concept, design, and programming of the media content of the digital tool bar
  • Substantive review of the exhibits as well as the historic wall

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