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We specialize in spatial communication and experience design. For global brands or local players, we create analog and digital experiences in space and through time. Whether brand spaces, exhibitions, trade fair stands, events, or completely new experience formats: We make topics and brands tangible and vibrant.


Our work is global, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and award-winning ...


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For more transparency and participation at eye level, Milla & Partner is to design a digital communication platform for the Verband Region Stuttgart (VRS). Many measures, whether open space protection and recreation, industrial settlement or sustainable mobility, are thought and planned regionally, but decided in the municipalities. Self-assured cities, communities and citizens want and need to be heard and involved in complex decisions. There is often no "right" or "wrong" - the decisions are more the result of a weighing process ...

Our Partner and Creative Director Sebastian Letz has been invited as jury member for the new Buildner Architecture Competition “The Pavilion Of Humanity: First Contact”. The architecture ideas competition tasks participants with designing a structure encapsulating the best and brightest of our species in a way that, should we ever be visited by other life forms, would allow them to learn about our achievements in a single space. More about the competition: Pavilion of Humanity