How is interactivity included in the exhibition design of the "ForscherLand" in the Science Center experimenta? How it is investigated and studied in visitor research? Questions examined by Dr. Katrin Hille, Head of Visitor Research at experimenta, and Petra Rieger, Creative Director at Milla & Partner, in a workshop at the Inter.Aktion symposium at experimenta in Heilbronn. More on the symposium

The ADC Superkraft Series is a platform for interviews, discussions and talks with avant-gardists and innovators who shape the future with their creativity. On April 1, Creative Director and Partner Tobias Kollmann will be speaking with artist and tech virtuoso Daan Roosegaarde about Thinking Strategies. Livestream:

The international architectural competition will draw attention to one of the greatest but no longer perceived dangers: the global threat of nuclear armament and nuclear weapons testing. It calls on the international architectural community to create a memorial on a decommissioned nuclear weapons test site. Sebastian Letz, architect and partner at Milla & Partner, was appointed to the jury for this competition. More about the call for entries: architecturecompetitio...

(How) Can interactions in exhibitions be planned and designed? Petra Rieger, Creative Director Spatial Communication at Milla & Partner, will be debating this with Prof. Dr. Stephan Schwan from the Leibniz Institute for Knowledge Media, Tübingen at the symposium on practice, innovation and research in interactive exhibitions at experimenta. More about the symposium

ADC Design Experience 2020: Tobias Kollmann, Creative Director and Partner, will be moderating the ADC Raumwelten Insight Talk "Expanded Realities - from Utopia to Prototype" with Daan Roosegaarde and Tobias Wallisser. What is the role of utopias? What is their necessity? And how can they be transformed into prototypes? An exciting discussion on November 18 from 11.00 - 12.30 am. For more, check out:

Groundbreaking ceremony for the Monument to Freedom and Unity in central Berlin. "Freedom and unity aren't static conditions, they require participation and interaction", explains Sebastian Letz, Creative Director and Partner, the concept called "Citizens in motion". "It’s a social sculpture. When at least 30 more people are on one half of the bowl than on the other, the monument will begin to move, slowly and gently. The movement will be achieved by visitors working together as a group: by the strength of their movement, it will come alive." More on BBC News: