Travelling Exhibition

The Shape of Perfection

The exhibition „The Shape of Perfection“ celebrated the extraordinary history, pioneering design, exclusive individuality and unsurpassed quality of the brands Mercedes-Benz and Steinway & Sons, whose common history can be traced back to the year 1888.

Three fascinating exhibits were featured: the Steinway grand piano, the legendary Gullwing, and the new-generation SL-Class. Each exhibit was presented on its own stage and represented by its own melody, thus defining the space. The visitor entered an exclusive concert area framed by a huge wall graphic. It awakened associations of piano wires, the alignment of bodyworks, oscillation and movement.

A composition for three pianos by Oliver Heise and Daniel Vulcano payed homage to the three fascinating exhibits of unmistakable, perfect design

In the famous Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg, the three official Steinway-artists Kristjan Randalu, Andreas Jetter and Hanny Kam performed and recorded this composition on three Steinway concert grand pianos: live, simultaneously, and unmastered. The exhibition extended an invitation to visitors to linger, follow the score and savour the music - space, music and exhibits merged into a sensous experience.

The exhibition celebrated its grand opening in the new Mercedes-Benz Dealership in Peking. From there, it travelled to Singapore and then on to Europe.