40th anniversary Daimler AG - Kuwait Investment Authority

40 Years of Future

The motto for the ceremony Milla & Partner created in the Mercedes-Benz Museum to mark the 40th anniversary of the partnership between Daimler AG and the Kuwait Investment Authority was „40 years of future“.

The scenographers created a dramaturgy in which the mutual history of Daimler AG and the Kuwait Investment Authority was interpreted as a shared journey, characterized by trust, courage and visionary force. Guests passed through a temporary landscape, stretching from the Museum Hill through the foyer of the Mercedes-Benz Museum into the atrium. They experienced sequentially changing spaces, which were repeatedly opened, so forming tailor-made situations for reception, welcome and speeches.

For the gala, artistic productions were exclusively designed and produced, blending with film trailers, music and dance performances (Gauthier dance company) to an awesome overall experience.

„The Mercedes-Benz Museum is an icon of modern museum buildings. Staging this special moment of Daimler´s history there was pleasure and challenge alike.”

Sebastian Letz, creative director and architect
  • Concept, design, planning and execution of the event
  • Development of spatial dramaturgy
  • Historic and temporary vehicle orchestration
  • Concept and design of all implemented media
  • Integration of choreography and media
  • Coordination with Daimler Protocol Department

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