Product Forum

Future model presentation

The Mercedes-Benz Product Forum is one of the most important internal events in the annual Daimler event calendar

In March 2015, for the sixth time, the event was planned and realised by Milla & Partner. On nine consecutive days, Mercedes-Benz, AMG and smart presented their vehicles of the future to 2.000 international leaders of the worldwide sales organization. The event served as information and planning platform, raising dealers´ excitement and enthusiasm for the new cars.

Stars of the event were, of course, the future automobiles

Milla & Partner created the perfect setting: vehicles were presented in an exhilarating stage show with a 28,5m x 4,5m screen, accompanied by specially produced live music and film trailers.

During the event, a strict photography ban applies to everybody. Sadly, we therefore cannot publish pictures of the event, "only" renderings of the stage situation and some of the trailers. To see the real cars, we recommend a future visit at your local Mercedes-Benz dealer ...

  • Technical and organisational planning
  • Concept, creative direction and production of all media content
  • Booking show acts
  • Editorial content
  • Coordination catering

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