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Scanning stations

Scanning Stations in the German Pavilion EXPO 2010

Gathering information via gesture control: an amazing interaction with great people magnetism.

In the „Factory“ in the German Pavilion, a circular ceiling conveyor transported hazy objects that were initially unrecognizable. They became apparent only whilst passing through interactive scanner stations. Visitors could x-ray the objects via gesture control and retrieve information. Only one visitor was active, whilst other visitors gathered round. The user performed an astonishing scope of gesticulation to aquire the information he was searching for.

The larger the space provided for action by the technology, the more expansive the required gesture or movement became

The range of motion reached from finger pointing up to whole body movement. The technical implementation of the application was based on the computer-supported detection of movement for accessing information. The idea of conveying the presented contents through gesticulation came from Milla & Partner, the technical development from the Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin.

  • Design and implementation of mass suitable gesture control exhibits in collaboration with the Heinrich Hertz Institute Berlin (Kinect was yet to be released to the market then …)
  • Development of multiple, intercultural gestures for the heterogeneous audience of an Expo in Asia with the HHI
  • Design, implementation and programming of an application for the media presentation
  • Including interfaces for circular conveyor, multiscreen displays, gesture control, and fallback solutions for controlling the station with iPods