Milla & Partner Innovation Lab


DIY for a very smart mobile device

The Ideas Park by ThyssenKrupp aims to inspire young people for technical professions - so did we with our Ideenfunken-Camp there.

At the Ideas Park 2012, the Milla & Partner Innovation Lab proudly presented their very own „Ideenfunken-Camp“ - introducing the „Ideenfunke“, a development from the lab. The Ideenfunke is a smart, mobile device that can typically be used in exhibitions and museums and combines a variety of functions that previously required the use of several devices. It can control interactive exhibits, collect and retrieve information, or start audio and video sequences. What makes the Ideenfunke exceptional is that this smart device can be individually dimensioned and tailored to the requirements of various exhibitions. Our Ideenfunke could be produced at such low cost that it was used as a give-away for the camp visitors.

With our camp, Milla & Partner expanded spatial communication into the communicative space of social media

In our camp, visitors could construct their own Ideenfunke and with it develop their own style. They could take a 3D scan photo of themselves, explore and define their preferred color space, and mix it with their own soundtrack. At the end, they received their own personal clip with their very own photo, colour space and sound. The personal clip could be downloaded from the Ideenfunken-website, and posted and shared with friends.

  • Technical development of the Ideenfunke
  • Concept, design, planning and execution of the camp
  • Exhibit design
  • Motion design of stations and trailers
  • Design and development of the Ideenfunke website
  • Workshop supervision

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