Two golden awards for the Ideas Park and the Ideenfunken-Camp

The ThyssenKrupp Ideas Park 2012 has been honoured with a GALAXY award in the category „Special purpose project“. Milla & Partner´s concept and implementation were considered gold-worthy by the jury. For 13 days last August, Milla & Partner transformed the Essen fair ground and adjoining Grugapark into a creative urban landscape full of exciting exhibits, aimed at raising enthusiasm in children and teenagers for technology and innovation. The international GALAXY Awards have been honouring excellence in communication disciplines for over 20 years.

The Milla & Partner Innovation Labs´ Ideenfunken-Camp was part of the Ideas Park 2012. We wanted to demonstrate to the kids how all games, apps, devices, and interactions first require an idea, then craft, then programming, and then individual configuring. And how these skills can be used for future jobs. Last night at the EVA-Gala, the Ideenfunken-Camp was awarded a golden EVA-Award.