Launch campaign

Essilor Experts: Launch of the new partner program

Sharing a partnership at eye level: Essilor, premium manufacturer for eyeglass lenses and the inner city opticians. For the introduction of the newly established Essilor partner program, Milla & Partner created a launch campaign and virtual kick-off event, which through design, address and content expressed Essilor's great appreciation for their opticians.

Based on Essilor's global claim "See more, do more", a creative concept for the launch of the partner program titled "See more, achieve more" was developed and translated into the design of the location, the online event and all haptic and digital accompanying materials.

Design approach, Look & Feel

People shots, the Essilor E from the new brand logo and the background concrete wall - the key visual from the invitation campaign was adopted for the event design and seamlessly transported into space and media. With the choice of location and the consistent combination of partner program CD, invitation, event website, live format, motion design and collateral material, a visually highly appealing project was conceived and executed. Through its imagery, it clearly differentiated Essilor from its competitors and achieved a high level of relevance and activation among participants.

Customer approach & journey

Event Microsite

Virtual walk through the new partner program

A space with a strong setting for intimate encounters was created for the digital live event. Moderator and interlocutor stood together in dialogue at the high table in a relaxed atmosphere. A place remained empty - reserved for the partner opticians. At their screens at home, they could take their virtual place at the table. This subtly involved them in the action and took them on an entertaining, varied journey through the new partner program. The moderator, together with the managing director and topic experts, presented individual issues in a dialogical and hands-on manner - from partner levels to benefits and conditions to the new digital portal. In two discussion rounds, invited opticians were present in persona to represent the target group and to talk about their practical experiences. Graphic overlays were elegantly integrated into the picture.

The token - an activating element as sign of appreciation

The mystery of the token sent in the invitation was solved at the end of the evening. With the activation of a QR code printed on it, Essilor CEO Alexander Mohr extended an invite for a personal speed date to all opticians. This invitation via token succeeded in continuing the connection with the partners and built a bridge for personal dialog far beyond the pure online event: The trust-building conversations, sorely missed due to the online format, can so still take place - one on one, with a CEO who takes his time for customers and their needs.

Following the digital launch event, guests received a follow-up package consisting of a brochure, service overview, and individualized approach according to partner level. Topics of the evening, for example benefits, new innovative and effective tools, and services for a higher customer frequency and personalized shopping experience, are explained in depth, and partner opticians are charged with detailed information about the new program. For Essilor Austria, a version of the launch campaign including the online event was produced specifically adapted to the market.

  • Overall concept
  • Content concept
  • Event schedule, location research
  • Development of set design, broadcast design, motion design
  • Communication print invitation, online invitation, event website, trailer, brochure
  • Film production (in cooperation with Rauch & Spiegel)
  • On-site production, hygiene concept

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