Trade Fair Stand Opti


The trade fair stand "Home of Advanced Vision" is the consistent advancement of the successful 2019 trade fair concept: a stand that impresses with a high quality of sojourn and a strong and differentiated focus on the highlight themes and Essilor´s great appreciation of its customers and trade visitors.

Opti is the international trade visitors' fair for optics and design. Essilor´s stand, designed by Milla & Partner, positions the premium manufacturer of eyeglasses as innovation leader - the booth clearly conveys the world market leader premium claim. Its architecture is rearranged in the second stage of a three-year trade fair concept, new themes and functions are assigned to the spaces. The design concept builds on the subject of the "Urban Place to Be": the urban space, which has great relevance for downtown opticians, is reinterpreted under the motto "Home of Advanced Vision". The motif of the city silhouette is continued and supercharged with the current highlight theme AVA Advanced Vision Accuracy.

Innovative technology and benefits for the successful optometrist

Three themed pavilions unfold the story of Home of Advanced Vision: Essilor Instruments, the central AVA Pavilion and the Transitions Pavilion. In the Essilor Instruments Pavilion, instruments can be tested live, such as a new refractive device, which allows measurements in the 0.01 dioptrien range (previously 0.25) and enables unprecedented precision. The AVA Pavilion illustrates the complex relationship between high-precision refraction technology and individualized glass production and the benefits opticians can offer their customers. In the Transitions Pavilion, visitors experience an emotional light presentation on the basis of a daily routine. It shows how the new generation of self-toning glasses reacts to the respective lighting situation and so guarantees optimum comfort for spectacle wearers.

own smartphone as interface for the Advanced Vision Experience

The digital customer journey „Advanced Vision Experience“ networks the entire stand. In each pavilion, large-format media installations with low-threshold interaction formats invite visitors to partake in playful theme developments together with their Essilor business partners. The journey is consistently mobile: Visitors use a QR code to connect their own smartphone with the screen - it becomes the interface and offers access to the digital platform. Here visitors can follow their progress along the digital experience in real time, find in-depth online content and take part in attractive competitions. Essilor tangibly emphasises its market leadership with this new interaction format and digital staging and underlines the aspects of experience, partnership, innovative power and digital competence.

Communal stand with Brille24

As part of the Essilor Group, the Brille24 stand is directly adjacent in a harmonious overall picture and yet appearing very independent. At first glance, the togetherness of both on the one hand and the clear brand differentiation on the other become evident to visitors.

AVA Germany celebrates its premiere

On the eve of the fair, Essilor invited opticians to the MGV Museum Munich and presented AVA to the trade public in an exclusive German premiere. Milla & Partner developed the design of the event in cooperation with the event agency KPP.

  • Stand architecture: concept, design and planning
  • Communication: concept, key visual, design, accompanying communication
  • Digital customer journey, conception and implementation
  • Moving image production

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