MetallArt Treppen

Corporate Redesign

Rebranding Metallart – The Art of the Staircase

METALLART specializes in high-quality staircase projects, especially in the luxury segment. The globally operative company, which grew out of a Swabian blacksmith's workshop, is committed to creating staircases as sculptural building elements of exceptional elegance and technical excellence – they stand out functionally, and also as works of art in any setting. A hidden champion? To internationally communicate corporate values and brand identity, Milla & Partner worked with METALLART to develop a new mission statement and brand positioning.

The development process for the new corporate identity is analytical, conceptual and solution-orientated: Using a questionnaire specially designed for METALLART, essential information about target groups and products was first elicited and defined. This marked the beginning of a comprehensive brand analysis, resulting in the newly developed identity with mission, vision and the three visual brand pillars of tradition, innovation and lifestyle. The focus lies on tradition – craftsmanship excellence "Made in Germany". The strategic and communicative direction was then debated and determined with all relevant stakeholders in an intensive joint workshop – and The Art of the Staircase was born. The first step was to roll out the new corporate design. METALLART, now in capital letters, gives the brand additional presence. A new icon, which interprets the spiral staircase in an abstract way, can be used as a strong, independent symbol.

The signet created from the initial letters serves as a compact seal of approval for the promise of excellence and offers an alternative if the brand name is too long for certain applications. Innovation and lifestyle are manifested in the new colour palette. Primary colours such as 'Steel' and 'Gold' set elegant accents, while 'Spark' and 'Velvet' as secondary colours underline METALLART's capacity for innovation.

The font 'Adieu' was chosen for the visual communication. A few letters were modified to reflect the elegance and flow of a spiral staircase.

Further design elements are abstract silhouettes of staircases that have already been implemented. These elements are used in print media, adverts and other communication channels.

From the full business outfit to social media templates and dynamic external communication – the art of staircase construction is reflected in the new brand identity.

The core range, from stationery to business cards, bags, notepads and giveaways, was completely redesigned. The new signage and an improved guidance system enhance external communication at the Salach and Süßen locations. The branding of the vehicle fleet was also revamped to ensure a consistent brand message that is visible both on the roads and directly at the sites.

Social media templates for optimum platform presence

Special templates were developed for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, to be used on a variety of occasions: for project presentations, trade fair appearances, recruiting events, employer branding and the sharing of customer testimonials and employee quotes. All of this is supported by a standardised and brand-appropriate visual presentation that is customised to the brand and is shown to its best advantage on the respective platforms.

Website, brand book, image film

The new METALLART website, realised by partner PANDA, was launched parallel to the roll-out of the corporate design. The next steps in the course of the year are the conception and design of the brand book, a high-quality publication on the topic of stairs, as well as the new image film, produced by blubb media.

„The Art of the Staircase epitomises our vision. The new brand identity is a reflection of our commitment to outstanding elegance and technical excellence. Many thanks to everyone who worked on it!”

Jürgen Rehberg, Director of Sales & Marketing and Member of the Management Board METALLART