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Serious Gaming Zone in the Changi Experience Studio

Put yourself to the test with serious games

In 2019, Changi Airport revealed its brand new attraction in Singapore: Jewel Changi Airport. A world-class lifestyle destination to inspire and entertain visitors from all over the world. Located on Level 4 of this stunning architectural highlight is the new Changi Experience Studio.

The exhibition in the Changi Experience Studio is not only special in scope and its consistent cross-medial storytelling - each component uses current interaction technology and didactics. Implementing a participative key interactive tool, the Travel Guide, visitors find themselves in a playful brand world offering numerous ways to explore the key messages. The seemingly magical interaction with the Travel Guide is made possible by projection coupled with real-time tracking. Using infrared markers, the system detects the position and movement of the handheld tool. Visitors are immersed in an exciting brand world in which they can experience the core messages of Changi Airport in many ways whilst meandering through the immersive environment. Travel Guide technology also enables visitors to explore numerous games at Changi Experience Studio.

The gamification of various behind-the-scene-processes at the airport simulates the challenges of Changi Airport’s staff. What makes Changi Airport Singapore such a special place? Why is it not just an airport, but a lifestyle destination in itself? Would I succeed as a staff member? The serious gaming zone in the Changi Experience Studio explores these questions and calls for playful public participation - a fun way to increase motivation, knowledge transfer and retention with the visitors.

  • Games development
  • Touchpoint development
  • User interface and experience design development
  • Media development & media production

In cooperation with amplify design GmbH

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