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A top notch brand experience in a top notch location

The Changi Experience Studio opens up a completely new way of engaging with customers and telling a brand story: By using the superelevated leitmotif of a journey, Milla & Partner created a seamless visitor experience designed to let visitors explore the company’s DNA and its core messages and so strengthen the community´s ties with Changi Airport.

The best never rest: After winning the Skytrax World’s Best Airport award for the seventh consecutive year, in 2019 Changi Airport reveals its brand new attraction in Singapore: Jewel Changi Airport. A world-class lifestyle destination to inspire and entertain visitors from all over the world. Located on Level 4 of this stunning architectural highlight, the “Changi Experience Studio” covers over 3.000 sqm and offers a sequence of numerous interconnected subspaces. Implementing a participative key interactive tool, the Travel Guide, visitors find themselves in a playful brand world offering numerous ways to explore the key messages whilst revelling in a massive responsive environment.

„The project is not only special in scope and its consistent cross-medial storytelling - each component uses current interaction technology and didactics: The entire range of analog, digital, haptic and mixed reality is applied.”

Thomas Frenzel, Creativ Director Milla & Partner

The Travel Guide: Shaping (endless) individual visitor journeys.

Upon entering the exhibition, all visitors receive their very own device — the Travel Guide. It enables visitors to document their journey and provides them with a unique and personal footprint. It is based on the NO_THING technology which was invented in the Innovation Lab at Milla & Partner. Working with RFID, this technology enables accurate individual and interactive projections onto the visitors very own Travel Guides. At Changi Experience Studio it celebrates its premiere in Asia. The RFID featured Travel Guides enable visitors to explore numerous touchpoints and collect their individual data. It is the embodiment of the exhibition experience leitmotif: To capture instagrammable moments and memories throughout the entire journey!

Be gently guided by alluring butterflies. Everywhere.

At Changi airport, various forms of butterflies can be found. They inspired the exhibition designers as a symbol for the feeling of togetherness at Changi — the concept picks up on this iconic image. Here analog merges with digital: Magically illuminated glass butterflies flock together with virtual projections of their digital counterparts to create a seamless cross medial storytelling experience throughout the entire exhibition. Their stunning performance charms visitors whilst gently guiding them, enticing them to explore the hidden gems of the exhibition, play the games and become emotionally connected with their surroundings. All the material butterflies’ glass surfaces have a fascinating, bi-color layer application that transforms these sculptures into intriguing light installations whilst their virtual fellows flutter all around. Tracing the behavior of their natural counterparts, the amazingly realistic 3D generated butterflies are projected onto the surrounding walls, floors and Travel Guides, immersing visitors into their magical flock. Visible, audible and almost everywhere!

Building a communal free flow space: Enabling true encounters.

Following the iconic, elliptical architectural plan of Jewel, the exhibition’s fluid spatial design is conclusive and functional while providing spaces full of surprise and discovery. On behalf of Milla & Partner, Rötzel Studio is responsible for the architectural design. The consistent dynamic architectural language supports the exhibition's approach of „gentle guidance“: Walls alternately embrace the circulation areas to boost the feeling of immersion, then widen to provide pockets of interactive content slowing the visitors pace and extending their sojourn time.

The visitor flow hereby resembles the meandering course of a stream, where the speed at the center of the current is fast whilst slowing down at its banks or even pausing in bays. Meticulously designed touchpoints for multimedia content tempt visitors to stop and delve into the stories. Be it the choice of form or material — all the architectural and interior design measures for the Changi Experience Studio serve one purpose: To create a harmonic symbiosis of space and content making true encounters possible!

Up in the sky is where the journey begins: Welcome to the Cloud!

An extraordinary encounter occurs on the Travel Guide: Each visitor experiences the subtle touch of a virtual butterfly. They are the companions that will gently guide their fellow travelers through an unforgettable, compelling experience which takes them through time and space to discover the origins and secrets of Changi Airport. Simply by following the butterflies!

Take a stroll through the lush foliage of the Hanging Garden.

What makes Changi such a special place and why is it not just an airport, but a destination in itself? Visitors can find answers to these questions at several Travel Guide touchpoints whilst meandering through the stunning indoor greenery with its hanging plants. Time to catch a breath - History & Future, Behind the Scenes and Changi’s greenery are just a few of the topics visitors can explore whilst gently decelerating their journey.

Playful content: The Efficiency Game challenge and the serious gaming zone of the Arena.

Keeping an airport running smoothly, dispatching arriving planes, handling luggage or finding fingerprint matches: visitors can take a glimpse behind the scenes of one of the world’s major aviation hubs by using their Travel Guide for the Efficiency Game challenge. Steering virtual trolleys, carrying out baggage searches, coordinating taxis, collecting the butterflies magical dew for game points: visitors put themselves to the test by completing fun but tricky games designed to simulate parts of Changi Airport’s operations. See what it takes to succeed as a staff member and find out how demanding tasks at the airport are: here, visitors can challenge themselves to reach out for the Superhero leaderboard.

Exploring direct flights from and to an airport: Enter the Sky Deck!

An interweaving network of flight paths on a global radar: visitors find themselves in an immersive 360 degree video installation incorporating more than 40 synchronized screens to display the mesmerizing traces of international flight routes to and from the airport. By exploring the numerous destinations around the globe at the Travel Guide touchpoints, it becomes obvious how Changi Airport truly connects the world!

A joint interactive sound installation: Resonating with the brand in the Garden of Harmony!

In the Meadow leading to the Garden of Harmony visitors discover the butterflies’ “secret” place of assembly. Upon entering this space, they experience a complete immersive feeling through the interplay of light, projections and sound overlaying the natural and artificial petals around them. They add their own musical notes to the mythical sounds surrounding them by simply touching the interactive leaves. Lingering butterfly companions lead them to resonating petals and tempt the visitors to discover the underlying harmonies. Upon reaching the Garden of Harmony’s central Glade, visitors are wowed by the palpable energy of emotional resonance as they make music with their fellow travelers simply by using the Travel Guide as an instrument to create a joint symphony—interacting with butterfly companions and their magical habitat, resonating with the brands heartbeat and tuning into the ONE Changi symphony!

  • Project management and consulting
  • Experience design development
  • Content development
  • Exhibition design development & planning
  • Visual design development including the visual design guide for cross media applications
  • Specialist planning for lighting and media technology
  • Touchpoint development, user experience design development
  • User interface design development
  • Games development
  • Media development & media production
  • Sound & light concept development
  • Onsite permanent construction supervision for lighting and media technology
  • Onsite permanent supervision of software implementation

On behalf of Milla & Partner, Rötzel Studio is responsible for the architectural design

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