Milla & Partner Innovation lab


Our Lab´s birthday present to us

Milla & Partner connects - people with brands, topics, products and - people with people. That´s our claim.

Obviously, connections were a central theme of the agency´s 25th anniversary in the summer of 2014. THE CIRCUIT was an event installation which the Milla & Partner Innovation Lab developed as a present to the agency for the big team party. Several guests together could close the open circuit of the installation and thereby take a photo. The requirements for triggering a photo reflected the shared work experience: forming teams, debating and discussing, planning, connecting with each other - and having fun! THE CIRCUIT was to become the event happening that night.

The approximately 300 selfies were transferred in real time to a gallery. An automatically-generated ticket provided a download link to the CIRCUIT Web Gallery. And each new photo further extended the team chain to a great virtual panorama for future reminiscing. THE CIRCUIT was everything together and totally simple: spatial communication, event, digital, analog und on the net. Thank you, Lab!

„According to the jury, THE CIRCUIT is the Photo Box 3.0. A consistent concept with an excellent digital integration. A smart technique was successfully used to promote interaction and emotion.”

From the jury statement of the FAMAB-Awards

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