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THE LÄND event series


"We can (re)invent anything – including ourselves!" Baden-Württemberg is now THE LÄND. With its new umbrella brand campaign, the federal state presents itself internationally as a leading location with attractive job opportunities, advanced technology and a high quality of life.

Since the successful launch of the new campaign – developed by Jung von Matt/Neckar – various events and spatial stagings have been drawing attention to THE LÄND's advantages: Under the motto "THE LÄND of Innovation", Milla & Partner has highlighted the state's creative ingenuity in various formats. In the conceptualization, planning, design and implementation of these formats, the disparate target groups are addressed and synergies created within the campaign to emphasize the common thread of the enormous innovative power across all events.

THE LÄND of Ideas: where ideas grow

At the Day of German Unity Festivities in Erfurt, the LÄND container dominated the scene of Baden-Württemberg's presentation and attracted countless guests. Under this year's festival motto "growing together", Baden-Württemberg showed itself as future-oriented but also down-to-earth. For ideas to grow, they need potential and fertile ground. The gallery in the container visualized these location factors with examples of successful cooperations between universities and businesses – the basis for innovation in THE LÄND.

Two of these ideas were specially highlighted in the area before the container: FloriBot – a field robot by students at Heilbronn University, and research on the production of peat moss by the Faculty of Biology at the University of Freiburg.

Highlight of the event was the digital LÄND quiz: a truly uniting communication tool – for the participants and the entire surrounding audience. Spontaneous teams were formed, strangers became game partners and spectators became supporters. People grew together – a wonderful image for the Day of German Unity.

THE LÄND of Innovation: Home to thinkers and makers

The LÄND quiz was also featured at the Stallwächterparty, the political summer fête held by the Baden-Württemberg State Representation in Berlin: questions about THE LÄND, specially designed for the evening, were displayed on a floor-to-ceiling LED screen, and the approximately 1,500 guests from the realms of politics, media, business, culture and society delved deeply into the topics of transformation, innovation and invention. The digital quiz was refined at the Start-up BW Night in Stuttgart to make future technologies from the southwest known to a larger audience of young founders and established entrepreneurs: In the LÄND container, up to five players could participate simultaneously with their personal devices. Questions and answers were shown synchronously on a screen, so that everyone present could follow along. The surprising and amusing Q&A provided many opportunities for communication amongst the guests…

„Different devices, resolutions and hardware configurations, different target groups with diverse experience horizons – we wanted to include them all and accordingly developed the LÄND Quiz, a browser game that makes software installation unnecessary and can be played directly online. In so doing, we created an uncomplicated and robust tool that imparts knowledge in a fun way.”

Thomas Schweikert, Art Director and Creative Producer at Milla & Partner

TARGET GROUPS GEN Z AND ALPHA - the inventors of tomorrow

Whilst adults at the SWR Summer Festival on Stuttgart's Schlossplatz made themselves comfortable in the shade of the GÄLLERY-converted container, or learned more about THE LÄND inside, kids and teenagers – the inventors of tomorrow – were invited to dive into the world of research and experimentation and engage with Baden-Württemberg as a hotbed for innovation. In addition to a mini-laboratory from the KOSMOS publishing house, they could play a specially developed game. The task was to solve various puzzles that together resulted in an invention – such as spaghetti and ice cream. After all, the inventor of spaghetti ice cream actually comes from Mannheim and runs his famous ice cream parlor there til today.

A wholly different setting was the Nobel Laureate Cruise with top international researchers. As the highlight of the 71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, where around 500 young scientists and current Nobel Laureates met to exchange ideas on innovative solutions for the future, the MS Sonnenkönigin sailed across Lake Constance under the flag of THE LÄND. Milla & Partner was responsible for the smooth organization and thereby also for the lively discourse on the role of innovation and science in today's society.

  • Conception, design, planning and execution of the events
  • Coordination with protocol, security and authorities
  • Process control on site
  • Adaptation of exhibition in the LÄND container
  • Development, programming and editing of the LÄND quiz

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