The World of Steiff

The World of Steiff

The Steiff brand world in Giengen an der Brenz offers a unique insight into the brand, the products, and the 125 year old history of the Steiff Company for adults, children and collectors.

In the museum, the spatial experience became part of the scenography: On a floating platform, the audience leaves the closeness of a Swabian provincial village behind to fly up into the fantastic worlds of Margarete and Richard Steiff. Up there, the visitor becomes part of the story being told. Mechanical theatre, original historical exhibits and 1.400 Steiff animals join together to create a unique experience.

Perfect unison of scenography and architecture

The world of Steiff is a prototypical project for the perfect translation of company history and the biography of Margarete and Richard Steiff into a sequence of spaces, experiences and learning: Scenography and architecture combine in perfect unison. The building was was erected following a storyline. The spatial experience is part of the staging: with a floating platform, visitors fly from the narrow world of a village in the Swabian Province to the world of fantasy of Margarete and Richard Steiff. In the walk-in stage images of the dream worlds, the audience becomes an integral part of the story. Mechanical theatre, show production, historical original exhibits and 1,400 Steiff animals fuse into a unique experience.

„A compelling story... in an artful museum.”

Quote from brandeins magazin, 08/05
  • Concept, design, planning and execution of the exhibition
  • Spatial development
  • Creation storyline
  • Integration of historical exhibits
  • Diverse target group: adults, children and collectors

Architecture: Ramseier & Associates LTD, Zürich.

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