THE LÄND is a winner. Created together with Jung von Matt, THE LÄND is a campaign that promotes Baden-Württemberg as a modern destination well worth working and living in to both national and global professionals. Honored by GWA with a silver Effie in this years "Transformation" category.

The Buildner "Memorial for Witches" competition looks to remind the public of the ways in which society once dealt with irrational fears. Competition participants can choose any injustice that is either currently ongoing or an issue from the past and select any site that would be an appropriate location for a theoretical memorial structure. Submitted designs could function as a source of education about past events, or a method of whistleblowing and raising awareness of ongoing injustices. Sebastian Letz, partner, architect and creative director at Milla & Partner, will be part of the Jury panel appointed for this competition. More about the call for entries

The Baden-Württemberg House on the Expo site in Dubai has now been handed over to the United Arab Emirates Government. It will be used as part of the new model city Expo City Dubai being built on the Expo 2020 Dubai site. So the Expo Pavilion will remain a showcase for Baden-Württemberg's engineering expertise in an international model region for innovative urban spaces long after the Expo has ended ...

Milla & Partner´s Creative Producer Thomas Schweikert has been appointed to the jury of this year's Coding da Vinci competition - a cultural hackathon that links the worlds of technology and culture. In 2022, more than 30 cultural institutions from the southwest of the republic will make data and content available to participants. Jury meeting and award ceremony will take place in Stuttgart on 24. June. More about the competition

Milla & Partner´s Chief Brand Officer Tobias Kollmann and Marc Heikaus, CEO of HEIKAUS Group, will present their lively vision of the phygital retail experience at the Swiss Shopping Center Forum 2021.

How is interactivity included in the exhibition design of the "ForscherLand" in the Science Center experimenta? How is it investigated and studied in visitor research? Questions examined by Dr. Katrin Hille, Head of Visitor Research at experimenta, and Petra Rieger, Creative Director at Milla & Partner, in a workshop at the Inter.Aktion symposium at experimenta in Heilbronn. More on the symposium

The international architectural competition will draw attention to one of the greatest but no longer perceived dangers: the global threat of nuclear armament and nuclear weapons testing. It calls on the international architectural community to create a memorial on a decommissioned nuclear weapons test site. Sebastian Letz, architect and partner at Milla & Partner, was appointed to the jury for this competition. More about the call for entries: architecturecompetitio...