In times when public meeting places are still closed due to the pandemic, brand spaces offer a variety of possibilities: to be present as a brand, to stay in contact with customers and to communicate topics and innovations to the market. ...

The memorial will honour the men and women who, in a peaceful revolution in 1989, caused the Berlin Wall to come down and Germany to be reunited. The monument invites visitors to communicate and to act together. More about today´s groundbreaking ceremony:

Milla & Partner begleitete das experimenta-Team bei der Erweiterung des Science Centers als Berater für Masterplanung, Szenografie, Konzeption, Planung und Umsetzung. Besonders beeindruckend war dabei die Dimension des Projektes, das überblickt, geplant und umgesetzt werden musste. Denn stets spielen Architektur und Medien zusammen, um das perfekte Wissenschaftserlebnis zu kreieren. Peter Redlin und Petra Rieger von Milla & Partner hierzu im Gespräch:

Which technologies and solutions can meet both the demand for experience and the task of conveying knowledge in museums? This is the topic of a workshop the Milla & Partner Innovation Lab will be hosting at this year's ICOM Annual Meeting "Opportunities and Side Effects - Museum 4.0" in mid-November at Nymphenburg Castle in Munich. More about the conference:

Milla & Partner´s Monument to Freedom and Unity, on show together with the artists Christian Boltanski, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Tacita Dean, Mark Dion, Sam Durant, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Ilya Kabakov, Arwed Messmer, Jana Müller, Adrian Paci, Regis Perray, Maya Schweizer, Tino Sehgal and Sigrid Sigurdsson. The current special exhibition at the Historical Museum Frankfurt sheds light on the diverse dimensions of forgetting via an interdisciplinary perspective.