German Design Award 2012 for balancity

We feel highly honored by having been selected for the highest German award for design, installed by the German Design Council. On February 10, 2012, during the prestigious awards ceremony at the Frankfurt Fair, the winners received their trophies. In order to take part in the German Design Award competition, participants must have already won another highly-regarded design competition.

The German Design Award crowns the long series of awards which were given to balancity: From EVA, ADC, DDC, iF, red dot, Galaxy and Golden Award of Montreux up to the first prize for the best implementation of the EXPO theme "Better City, Better Life" by the Bureau of World EXPO Coordination Shanghai, just to name a few.

Milla & Partner were responsible for exhibition and media design, Schmidhuber + Kaindl, Munich, for the architecture.