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The Knowledge of the World

Celebrating the timeless validity of knowledge: 200th anniversary of Brockhaus Encyclopedia

The award-winning installation of 30 replicas of the Brockhaus Encyclopedia - each of them 3,40m high - placed in a formation reminiscent of Stonehenge was a tribute to the timeless validity of the knowledge in the encyclopedias of Brockhaus. The circle of enormous books could be entered from all sides. In addition, a permanent sound performance could be heard from each of the different volumes: the knowledge of the world became audible. For the unveiling of the installation, a phonetic opera for 30 + 1 voices was composed and performed, with the choir standing high above the audience in the Brockhaus-replicas, and the soloist in the middle of the circle.

„It has always been a desire of mankind to make knowledge tangible. Brockhaus succeeded. In times of truth becoming more and more volatile, we wanted to demonstrate Brockhaus´ truth with something truly monumental ...”

Johannes Milla, CEO and creativ director
  • Design and construction planning of the Brockhaus volumes
  • Concept and implemtation of the unveiling ceremony
  • Joint creation of opera and choreography with artists Theo Bleckmann and Marc Feigenspan

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