Press conference

New educational online portal

„scook“ is the new online portal by Cornelsen Schulbuchverlage GmbH, one of the leading German school book publishers.

Using an equally artistic and didactic media presentation from Milla & Partner´s Innovation Lab, Chairman Dr. Alexander Bob presented „scook“ on the eve of the didacta in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart during a press conference. This new portal supplies teachers and students who purchase published, printed books and materials with the corresponding E-book editions for free. With „scook“, teachers and students will have the books at hand wherever they are, and can use them on whiteboard, PC or tablet.

Long-term successful cooperation between Verlagsgruppe Cornelsen and Milla & Partner

Milla & Partner were responsible for the organization of the press conference and following get-together as well as for the technical and editorial preparation of the content of the presentation. With the launch of „scook“, chairman and spokesman of the Cornelsen publishing group and Milla & Partner continued their long-term successful cooperation - well remembered in the industry are the Brockhaus Events with the huge book ring at the book fairs in Frankfurt and Leipzig.

„With 50,000 users to date, the Cornelsen platform scook widely exceeded our ambitious objectives. We would not nearly be as far without the outstanding press event in the Stuttgarter Kunstmuseum. The press conference gave us the necessary thrust and brought us to the attention of the entire publishing world.”

Klaus Holoch, Head of Public Relations Cornelsen
  • Process planning
  • Organizational planning
  • Location research
  • Technical and editorial preparation of content
  • On-site coordination
  • Catering coordination

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