Messe Stuttgart

Inauguration ceremony

Inaugural ceremony for new trade fair grounds

A grand theatrical corporate design experience marked the official opening of the new Stuttgart Messe

The concept for the ceremony was derived entirely from the new trade fair centre´s corporate identity: the yellow and grey silhouettes used in the 2D publicity campaign were transformed into three- and four-dimensional features. Stage design, moving back-projections, lighting effects and the choreography developed with Rolando D´Alesio for 20 dancers from the John Cranko School melded to form a theatrical corporate design experience.

„The grand opening of the new Stuttgart Messe for 2.000 guests of honour, the Federal President and numerous industry captains from Baden-Württemberg placed special demands on security and protocol. And creativity: how do you stage an opening for an audience that has already seen it all?”

Johannes Milla, CEO and creativ director
  • Concept, design, planning and execution of medial stage design and choreography
  • Stage design
  • Consultation with protocol, security and all authorities
  • On-site coordination
  • Ongoing fair construction documentary

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