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The SeedBoard

Fascinating technology made in germany

Innovative technologies also play a major role in the German Pavilion. The “SeedBoard” in particular is an entirely novel exhibition experience.

The SeedBoard is a simple piece of cardboard. Visitors can discover the topics and contents of the Pavilion in a very individual way with it. Each visitor is given their own personal “SeedBoard”: their own “Field of Ideas” – a surprising tool that actively and playfully involves them. It is completely intuitive to use, as simple and easy as a book: Just fold it open, hold it into a projection. The SeedBoard serves as a screen for text, images, films and games. Visitors can use it to initiate and navigate exhibits, and selected content can be collected and stored. It contributes to making the pavilion visit a very personal adventure, while bringing to life Germany’s fascinating technology.

As simple and easy as a book ...

The innovative and intelligent linking of hardware, software, media production and tailored interaction principles allows for a completely new, playful and yet intuitive exhibition experience.

The spatial position of the SeedBoard marker points is detected by an infrared camera in the ceiling (3D-Tracking). The software developed specifically for this purpose can simultaneously interprete several markers and consequently calculated the projection position. Several SeedBoards can be mapped precisely by the same projector. The SeedBoard itself includes no electronics or technology. This enables the output of a personal SeedBoard to each individual visitor during the entire period of the Expo. And by using sustainable raw materials in production, the SeedBoard can even be recycled as waste paper.

„The German Pavilion´s SeedBoard concept shines through the combination of total simplicity with technical brilliance … The jury was greatly impressed and showed this by the highest rating of the entire Awards 2015.”

From the statement of the FAMAB-Jury 2015
  • Concept and design
  • Technical development
  • Creation media content
  • Front- and backend-programming
  • Installation

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