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German Pavilion

OCEANIS - German Pavilion EXPO 1998

„OCEANIS – 100 metres below sea level“: blinking lights, rumbling machines ...

The German Pavilion at EXPO 1998 in Lisbon was a virtual underwater research station. It created the perfect setting for the integration of 68 exhibitors from industry, research institutions and ministries into the pavilion. The illusion of the underwater station was not just an end in itself. It took the visitors seriously, offering them a myriad of opportunities for exploring the secrets of the sea and finding out things for themselves.

OCEANIS was voted best foreign pavilion of the EXPO 1998 by the press ...

... and honored with a golden EVA-Award. The pavilion was one of the absolute favorites, with over two million visitors and an audience that was willing to queue for up to eight hours to see this unique pavilion.

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