Mercedes-Benz show room design

MPS II is the showroom design for 6.000 Mercedes-Benz world-wide dealerships.

The guiding idea: Mercedes-Benz dealerships should be auto-houses in the true sense of the meaning. The system is used for all car models and will also integrate the various communication needs of sub-brands. Above all, it offers orientation to the customer, supports consulting discussions and naturally underlines the values of the brand Mercedes-Benz. Primarily, this is not a design, but a communication design task, requiring an interior which is basic und disciplined but with a warm, trust-inspiring atmosphere to promote communication between client and salesperson.

MPS II requires only three classic basic elements:

1. Rectangular pedestal as meeting platform for people and vehicle

2. Circular rug for the encounters from person to person (consultation, conversation, lounge)

3. L-bracket as the minimal principle of space. It creates countless opportunities, variable rooms and zones

CAVE (cave automatic virtual environment) developement and testing

MPS II was developed together with the Stuttgarter design bureau Jehs + Laub. As the world-wide first interior project ever, it was developed and tested in a CAVE (cave automatic virtual environment). The worldwide roll-out has been ongoing since 2007.

  • Overall design and planning
  • Design and development of various modules for presentation and communication areas
  • Optimization in terms of ergonomics and functionality
  • Suitable for the requirements of all distribution formats: sales (product presentation), trade marketing including after sales, accessories, service providers

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