SiemensForum Board Lobby

Redesign of the corporate exhibition

For the SiemensForum in Munich, the current home for the board of directors until the completion of the new Siemens headquarters, Milla & Partner designed and realised this new, modular exhibition.

The concept subtly picks up on the architecture by Richard Meyer and interprets it in the design of the exhibits. Werner von Siemens, who with his pioneering spirit inspires the company to this day to develop innovative solutions for the future, takes center stage, welcoming visitors and business partners from all over the world - his bronze bust is at the heart of a large-dimensional sculpture in the center of the exhibition. Design and message of the central sculpture relate to the surrounding four exhibition modules which address challenges of the future and Siemens´ solutions to these: demographic change, urbanisation, globalisation and climate change.

Exhibition content can easily be updated for tours

Via touch pad, guides leading groups of guests through the exhibition can configure individual tours using a special content management system developed in Milla & Partner's innovation lab, depending on the interests of the group. The exhibition space in the foyer is effectively multiplied by the variability of content by CMS and the opportunity to present all media content format-independently on all available screens.

„The flexibility of this exhibition makes it so special. From spatial concept to content – it´s all easily adaptable.”

Sebastian Letz, architect and creative director
  • Concept, design, planning and execution of the redesign of the exhibition including all space-defining measures
  • Concept, design, and programming of media content
  • Development of a touch interface for retrieving individual contents
  • Development of a freely configurable content management system for all content
  • Presentation of the exhibits

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