METRO unboxed

Metro goes pop-up

METRO unboxed is a temporary brand pavilion on the banks of the Rhine in Düsseldorf. It takes visitors on an exciting journey through the diverse world of METRO.

As a longtime partner of the düsseldorf festival! METRO is contributing with its own exhibition at the renowned cultural festival. The Pavilion METRO unboxed offers local and international trade visitors and the general public the opportunity to become acquainted with the new METRO. Visitors can immerse themselves in METRO topics with cutting-edge digital interactions, experiencing METRO with all their senses. The exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to experience the world of modern trade - from international specialities and sustainable logistics solutions to digital trends of the future.

A sustainable building

The pavilion was built using warm, natural materials. The wooden slats of the façade give it a transparent and permeable appearance. It opens towards the river Rhine, with the staircase and seating islands inviting guests to linger and promenade. METRO and Milla & Partner placed particular emphasis on a sustainable building: not only most of the interior, but also the entire steel construction are leased and will be re-used. The wooden façade consists of untreated wood and will be recycled. The pavilion was built by Nüssli AG, Roth, one of the leading companies for the temporary buildings.

Digital magic and information - the Metroboard

With a Metroboard, visitors in the exhibition can navigate through films and pictures as if they were thumbing through a conventional book. The "Metroboards", developed by the Milla & Partner Innovation Lab, combine analogue and digital experience: This is done purely by intuition, and shows how in the world of the new METRO digital innovation is directed towards the human being – and not the other way around. Images, films or interactive information appear as self-projection on the board. Thus, complex issues such as transparent supply chains, waste prevention or the sustainable energy management of METRO markets become transparent and understandable. In addition, visitors can use VR glasses for a virtual 360 ° journey through a REAL supermarket.

Metro-one: the central design element of the pavilion

The METRO-one is an essential design element in the new appearance of METRO. It is also the central design element of the pavilion, which surfaces again and again: in the form of the Metroboard at digital stations or as a lookout tower in front of the pavilion. In the center point of the pavilion it connects both levels as a playable rear wall of the stage, creating the background for live formats.

International encounters with 25 countries

25 METRO-countries are represented with a stand in the pavilion. These include, among others, China, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Hungary. All participating countries of the METRO world will be sending employees to Düsseldorf to personally present their work. People from all over the world will get to meet each other, each country will give individual insight into land and people.

  • Concept and design of the building
  • Concept, design, planning and realisation of the exhibition including all space defining measures
  • Development and design of the analogue graphic concept
  • Concept, design and programming of media content
  • Development of exhibition dramaturgy for guided and exploratory modes
  • Concept, design and production of exhibits
  • Lighting concept

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