Kärcher Experience Center

experience the difference

Cleaning specialist Kärcher addresses customers with clever cleaning solutions at the new Kärcher Experience Center.

Heart of the approximately 1,200 sqm multifunctional building complex is the "Field of Competence". Here, exhibition modules become true "Show-Cases": thanks to a sophisticated container system, black boxes can be transformed into bright yellow information and experience stations. In mutual dialogue, through digital media applications and active use, visitors learn how the company achieves its brand promise "Kärcher makes a difference" based on tasks that are typical for the work environment of their respective industries. Ten elaborate hands-on examples pinpoint the intelligent ideas concealed within the products.

„The Field of Competence places Kärcher customers and their specific needs at the center of attention. It demonstrates how our innovative power and cleaning competence facilitates their work.”


Mobile, modular and highly flexible

The space reacts flexibly to the individual orientation of guided tours targeting diverse visitor groups. Clincher is the maximum spatial flexibility: the exhibition modules can be rolled out of the hall, so that the approximately 800 square meters can be used for events with several hundred participants. Concise floor graphics remain as a footprint. They not only serve for guidance but also as part of the striking scenographic outline, giving visitors an intuitive orientation and connecting all exhibition and meeting rooms - from the foyer to the test parcours in the outdoor area. 

A large area of wall graphics draws visitors from the foyer towards the upper floor. In the exhibition hall, this wall depicts Kärcher as a huge wall newspaper offering in-depth insights into the company. On two staged workbenches under the striking yellow Brand Canopy, Kärcher shows how solutions for the future are explored and how new products emerge from ideas. And should the desire for immediate do-it-yourself awaken: the testparcours offers all possibilities for proper cleaning - from the high-pressure cleaner to the communal sweeper.

Appreciation of excellence and the people behind it

A yellow ribbon depicting milestones from the company's history leads visitors into the "Gallery of Excellence". The gallery exhibits the outstanding company performance and tells the stories behind it. Floating on a bridge, this outwardly closed space illustrates the company's values and underlines the entrepreneurial excellence of Kärcher.

„The Kärcher Experience Center is a great example for the palpable dynamic of an exhibition visit when spatial dramaturgy, graphics, content and media are perfectly interrelated: the company is experienced in its entire range, whilst simultaneously providing detailed insights into the technical sophistication of the Kärcher products.”

  • Development of exhibition and spatial dramaturgy 
  • Concept, design and planning of all space-defining measures
  • Concept, editing and design all exhibition content and exhibits
  • Concept, editing, design and frontend programming of all media
  • Lighting concept

In cooperation with Reichel Schlaier Architekten (architecture)

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