new quality of openness

After its conversion on the occasion of the 25th anniversary, the Bayer Communication Center Baykomm presents itself as an open-minded platform.

Baykomm has proved itself as visitor center for Bayer in Leverkusen over the last 25 years, but the reorientation of the company to the life sciences required it to be modernized extensively. This new quality of openness is reflected in the architecture: walls and fixtures were removed from the existing building, emphasising the original glass pavilion centered in the Japanese garden.

„The new Baykomm aims to arouse curiosity and appeal to customers, partners and employees alike.”

Thomas Helfrich, Head of Baykomm

The new exhibition demonstrates to visitors of all age groups what defines Bayer and what its contribution is to the world of today and tomorrow. What does our DNA actually look like? How does the cardiovascular system work? How are new drugs developed from molecules? The two "Explorer"-Spaces focus on life sciences with interesting questions: adults and children alike can discover the secrets of life with their so-called ScienceBoards, become acquainted with the work of the Bayer researchers and understand how the development of new innovations is approached.

The ScienceBoard technology from the Milla & Partner Innovation Lab actively engages the visitors and facilitates the easily comprehensible and fascinating presentation of complex content. The technology behind the ScienceBoards at Baykomm is a multifaceted development of the 'SeedBoards' that made the German Pavilion one of the audience favorites at the EXPO 2015 in Milan.

insights into the world of bayer

Three light-flooded, separate InfoSpaces offer information about Bayer as an employer, the identity of the company and its presence in the new media. These information areas present employees and locations all over the world, as well as the company's history and its commitment to arts, culture, sports and sustainability, and how Bayer uses modern communication channels. The various target groups at Baykomm, from school classes, through families to individual visitors, learn interactively and in dialogue how the company achieves its philosophy "Science For A Better Life". "The brand space lets employees and external visitors experience Bayer in an exciting, comprehensible and personable way," says Sven Theobald, Head of Live & Experience Branding. "It is the figurehead of the Bayer brand and conveys the feeling of how we use our innovations every day to help improve the lives of people."

Greatest flexibility for day to day management

The open architecture, the modular structure and the development of a CMS to exchange content have many advantages. Baykomm can react flexibly to new requirements in the company, such as the organization of events or the possibility to update the exhibition continuously without much effort. Another big plus is that Baykomm satellites can be set up at Bayer sites around the world. This enables Baykomm to develop into a Bayer global communication platform and further promote dialogue. From Leverkusen into the world – just as the successful history of Bayer began more than 150 years ago. Concept, design and implementation of the new Baykomm are by Milla & Partner. On behalf of the agency, Rötzel Studio is responsible for architectural design.

Mobile Highlight exhibits for worldwide events

Nine highlight exhibits are part of the new exhibition. Due to their success with the visitors in the permanent exhibition, Bayer decided to make them accessible to a greater audience. To this purpose a mobile variant of the interactive installations was developed, which can be shown at events around the world. So far, it has been used in Helsinki, London, Sydney and San Diego.

  • Concept, design, planning and execution of the redesign of the exhibition including all space-defining measures
  • Concept, design, and programming of media content
  • Media production
  • Presentation of the exhibits

In cooperation with Rötzel Studio, Munich (architecture)

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