State Ministry Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg at the Day of German Unity

„Wir können alles. Auch zur See fahrn.“

... was the motto of the event Milla & Partner designed for Baden-Württemberg for the annual festivities around the Day of German Unity 2014

Every year, the Day of German Unity is celebrated in grand style in a different German state. In 2014, the celebrations took place in Hanover in Lower Saxony, the land of sailors and shipyards. Milla & Partner took this year´s festivities to present our home state, the land-locked Baden-Württemberg, with a unique tradition and a slightly self-ironic smile. The country´s motto „Wir können alles. Außer Hochdeutsch.“ (We can do anything. Except speak Standard German) was changed into „Wir können alles. Auch zur See fahrn.“ (We can do anything. Even sail to sea): visitors to the festival were invited to take a trip on the Hanover Maschsee on one of four original punts from Tübingen.

The punts from Tübingen have an age-old tradition, as has the town itself.

Tübingen is one of the oldest university towns in Baden-Württemberg: the poets Friedrich Hölderlin, Wilhelm Hauff and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel studied here. The punters, also from Tübingen, recited the great thinkers and poets from Baden-Württemberg to their passengers whilst pushing the punts gently over the Maschsee – a serene and poetic contrast to the hustle and bustle onshore at the festival.

Good promotion: Prominent personalities helped loading the boats for transport

With a special press gathering, the four punts were loaded on their hangers three days before the start of the festivities and sent on their journey to Hanover. Participants of the loading action early Sunday morning at the tranquil Neckar in Tübingen were Baden-Württemberg´s Transport Minister Winfried Herrmann as well as the mayor of Tübingen Boris Palmer and a whole train of press photographers.

  • Concept, design, planning and implementation of the event
  • Planning and coordination of the advance press event
  • Coordination with protocol, security and all authorities
  • Local support at the event site

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