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Future exhibition

Desiring the future

At the heart of the new exhibition in the Erwin Hymer Museum: visions, desires, dreams and ideas.

How will we travel in the future? What are the big trends? What does the past reveal? Which are our visions? What are the challenges to be overcome? The new exhibition area "Desiring the Future" in the Erwin Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee allows visitors to explore the future of mobile travel, placing their desires, dreams and ideas at the heart of the exhibition - because these shape our visions of the future.


The "Cockpit of the Future" is the central spatial element of the new exhibition area following the dream route through the museum. It addresses people of all ages, visitors can submit their own ideas and concepts. In the "Ideas Machine", kids let their imagination run free and design their private limousine of the future. Adults can explore and formulate their travel preferences or opinions on future megatrends with the focus on mobility, sustainability and urbanization. In the "Developer's Guide" visitors can communicate their ideas, comments and suggestions for potential issues such as comfort, materials, design or features with pen and paper and so inspire other visitors.

Flying cars, self-growing caravans or time travel machines - STROLLING ALONG THE BIG PICTURE ...

Variable shelf modules and monitors span the "Cockpit of the Future" like a large "Panorama of the Future". They present studies and visions by visitors, school classes or future travel workshops. The big picture entices the wondering museum audience to stroll along the future route, with flying cars, self-growing caravans, recycled underwater mobiles or time travel machines as exhibits – today, these are still fiction, but they will lay the foundation for future developments and progress.

  • Concept and design
  • Planning and execution
  • Integration of exhibits
  • Development of media content and games

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