02 How we work

Consultative & critical. For a suitable foundation and feasibility.

Our methodical core has the willingness to constantly transform. With critical questions. For real dialogue. With empathy for you, your target group, your situation, your employees.

When starting from scratch: we can help if you don't yet know what you want, or you just don't know how it's going to work out. If you haven´t got the project formulated yet, or the budget, or the means, or the right tools: We have enormous experience in the phases of orientation, decision-making, strategy and the clarification of framework conditions. We don't want to sell you anything but our experience. We are open to new paths and results. We do not want to reinvent your brand - we only want to find the right way. For we have the balance between a distanced view and a great curiosity for your task and your topics.

Clear & compelling. For lasting impressions

One needs clear statements and strong images to connect people with brands, products and themes. And to open the audience to receive messages. We combine classical and innovative digital communications to create a high-impact experience. One that enables the viewer to take part of what’s going on. A personalised experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Surprising & intensive. For enjoyment and effectiveness.

Unconventional, radical new thinking enables us to break through the confines of traditional approaches. This is how we achieve a demonstrably high quality of communication between people and brands – and measurable in terms ofeffectiveness, likeability, enjoyment and sustained activation.

National & international. For local heroes and global players.

We have many years of experience with the design and implemention of national and international projects - more than 1,000 in Europe, America and Asia since 1989. Our clients are companies from various sectors, SMEs and medium-sized enterprises as well as global corporations and the public sector. Projects are implemented largely as general contractor or general planner.

Highly qualified & organisationally strong. For convincing project work.

Our uncompromising commitment to quality not only affects our work, but also the process that leads to the desired results. Milla & Partner values organisation, and compliance with budget and timeframes, at least as much as creative development. We continuously review and refine our project management, in view of optimising the effectiveness and efficiency of the project team.

Milla & Partner projects bring together


in design and organisation.


in terms of formats, media and content.


for the audience, our clients, partners and employees.

The right fit

of selected resources and their realisation on site, for the occasion and for the people involved.


in communicating and consulting.

An interdisciplinary approach

in our thought processes and in bringing our concepts to life.