Flughafen Stuttgart

Airport Lounge

Waiting can be fun!

Escape the stress in a relaxed atmosphere and spend the waiting time till takeoff in a lazy recliner with a tarmac view – the new lounge at Stuttgart Airport offers travelers a comfy retreat with interesting insights into the history of the airport.

With its nearly 13 million passengers in 2019, Stuttgart Airport is rated as the sixth largest airport in Germany: a busy place where every day several thousand people come a little closer to their destination. To make waiting for departure a pleasant pastime with multiple merits, the airport has opened a new Lounge: designed by Milla & Partner, travelers can immerse themselves in the history of Stuttgart Airport before taking to the skies.

Fly global, use local

Materials such as warm oak herringbone parquet flooring, red and cream-colored upholstery in the seating landscape, and elegant blue tones on the walls give the Airport Lounge a high-quality yet cosy character. Thanks to various fixtures and lighting scenarios, the area can be adapted to different daytime, nighttime and weather situations, creating atmospheric illuminated spaces that, together with the furniture, set atmospheric accents. To emphasize the local character, the materials were deliberately sourced from regional manufacturers, who also use designs by Stuttgart-based product designers.

An intriguing journey through the past

Not only the interior design – recalling the 1960s/1970s, when air travel was still a special event – gives a sense of heritage. The gallery in a Petersburg hanging presents photographs that highlight the dynamic development of Stuttgart Airport. Supplemented by other exhibits such as propellers, aircraft components and models, historical documents and magazines as well as books on the subject of flying, the modern lounge becomes a place steeped in history.

On 150 square meters, business and leisure travelers alike will find space for comfortable work situations and casual conversation, but also for rest and relaxation - the ideal seating is available for every need: banquettes, lounge chairs, retreat booths or bar tables with stools. The large panoramic windows give guests an unobstructed view of the authentic action on the tarmac in front. In addition, the catering is housed in an adjusted cube, leaving no gastronomic wishes unfulfilled. The modern furnishings and design of the lounge make the expanded existing space a place where the time until takeoff passes in a most enjoyable way.

„The mood is inviting, friendly and comfortable - simply cozy. Thanks to soothing acoustics and a warm atmosphere, the lounge is the perfect counterpart to the hectic hustle and bustle and cool design of the reverberant waiting areas at the gates - a place that allows a little time out before the flight.”

Julian Vettermann, Interior Designer at Milla & Partner

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