Stuttgart Airport

Cockpit exhibit

Up, up and away ...

The SkyLand at Stuttgart Airport marks a new starting point for regular guided tours through the terminals and across the tarmac: in the new visitor center, travelers, waiting passengers and also the general public can delve deep into the world of aviation and the airport.

Embedded in this interactive experience is the SkyLand Cockpit – a walk-on exhibit that allows children to change perspectives and slip into the role of pilots. Conceptually expanded and structurally implemented by Milla & Partner, the stylized aircraft module not only meets the particularly strict safety regulations of an airport, but also inspires young and old with plenty of genius loci.

All those who are not (yet) taking off in Terminal 3 can now experience the airport at ground level. In the new SkyLand visitor center, interactive exhibits give travelers young and old a comprehensive insight into the world of flying, and also a direct view onto the airport´s runways. Here, a world of adventure opens up, where complex information is conveyed in a playful way and vividly explained at various stations.

Captain to crew: Ready for Take-off!

Embedded in this scenery is the SkyLand Cockpit: here, little guests between the ages of three and eight can act and feel like real pilots. The mounted instrument panel offers approximations of a real cockpit: steering wheels, buttons, sliders and abstracted gauges and displays simulate a realistic flight situation for the little captains. A sliding panel integrated directly above the control panel enhances the situation: The photo on the panel allows the children to change their perspective: from the ground of the visitor center to the airspace above Stuttgart.

The exhibit is rounded off by lighting that is as close to reality as possible, allowing the youngsters to immersively enter the cockpit and imaginatively take off. The position of the module located directly next to the airport's runway intensifies the genius loci even more. To slip authentically into the role of the crew, the cockpit offers costumes: in two metal cases there are matching uniforms, headgear, goggles and other accessories with which the children can dress up like a real crew. Both in the cockpit and from the outside, proud parents can photographically capture this scenery and create precious memories of their visit to the airport.

„Our goal was not only for the children to adopt different characters: They should also get the feeling of being 'above the clouds' and seeing the world from the perspective of a pilot - in a space where they can almost wave to the 'real' flying personnel just taking off or landing with their aircraft.”

Johannes Milla, CEO and Creativ Director

Crew to captain: Cross-check complete!

To adhere to all strict safety and fire protection regulations of an airport, only non-combustible materials (A1) such as steel, aluminum, checker plate and glass were used in the construction of the exhibit. In a few places, it was also possible to add smaller, decorative elements made of flame-retardant materials (B1): the only way to prevent smoke development or burning material. With the complex shape and production of the cockpit, Milla & Partner faced not only structural and planning challenges, but above all highest safety challenges.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Skyland Visitor Center is currently closed. Re-opening is planned for April. Stuttgart Airport adapts the use of the cockpit to the current Corona regulation hygiene requirements, the possibility of costuming may therefore be limited.

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