the New Stöckach - urban development communication


EnBW is developing a new urban district on its former power plant premises in the middle of Stöckach, an eastern Stuttgart suburb. A flagship project for EnBW's ability to develop innovative, sustainable and livable neighborhoods – smart cities that are geared to the needs of their residents: "A good part of Stuttgart. The new Stöckach."

An Identity for transformation

Milla & Partner designed an identity and signature that conveys the project vision and creates a high level of trust and acceptance among the stakeholders involved: city and community, committed and affected citizens, press, politics and the administration. This identity was translated into a variety of communicative measures to reach these stakeholders and bring about a fruitful dialogue. Milla & Partner developed the strategic communication for the project – a particular challenge was the integration of intensive and inclusive citizen participation. This process and the implementation of the urban planning competition were accompanied by all facets of communication.

The Ideas Space: a place for true encounters

The Ideas Space is a lively place on the site – a space in which community members can contribute ideas, questions, objections and wishes, conduct a discourse, and events such as the Citizens' Workshops can be held. It is both a meeting place, an information centre, a library and a discussion forum. It is the place where EnBW, in dialogue with neighbouring companies and the city, jointly develops and consolidates ideas for a livable and sustainable future in the new Stöckach.

The central place from which to explore and get a grasp of the quarter, a place for all participants to come together and develop its new shape.

By Citizens for citizens

The New Stöckach development process began with a planning competition to define the urban development framework for the district. Citizens collected and discussed ideas and suggestions in a total of six Citizens' Workshops. The output was attached to the urban planning competition documents. Selected designs from the competition were later examined and commented on in the Citizens' Workshops; comments and suggestions were passed on to the participating offices for their revisions and to the jury for the selection of the winning design. In this way, a consistent, seamless and credible participation of the citizens was made possible throughout the entire competition process – through the close cooperation of the offices C4C (urban planning competition), Burgdorff-Stadt (participation), Milla & Partner (communication) and EnBW.

Creating trust in a good part of Stuttgart

Milla & Partner was responsible for the orchestration of communicative measures: the central web platform with photo and film blog, newsletter, social media, the design of the Ideas Space, the facilitation and documentation of the Citizens' Workshops as well as the content and design of the documents for the urban planning competition. Everything was aimed at enabling an open discourse, giving the project maximum transparency and a positive identity from the very beginning and so strengthening credibility and trust among the participants.

„It was always clear to us that the success of the project would be decided directly with the people in Stöckach. Real encounters, genuine dialogue and true participation are necessary.”

Tobias Kollmann, Creative Director, Milla & Partner
  • Identity design, tonality
  • On-site presence: Ideas Space, facade communication, events
  • Online: central web platform, photo and film blog, social media
  • Citizen participation: invitation and accompanying communication, documentation of the six Citizen´s Workshops, site and bunker tours
  • Urban planning competition: design of the competition documents, colloquia, jury, exhibition,interactive architectural model
  • Concept and design of committee presentations for politics and administration

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