City of Schorndorf

Installation Flower Show

Zeitlupe. The Fascination of Flowers in Motion

Remstal Garden Show 2019: In the Schorndorf flower hall, the magical installation by Milla & Partner brings flowers to life.

The city of Schorndorf opened up their otherwise inaccessible castle cellar for a special kind of flower show at the Remstal Garden Show 2019. In this dark place, flowers appear in a whole new light. With "Zeitlupe” (slow motion), Milla & Partner created a magical installation that turns the castle cellar into a place of deceleration - a place where the rhythm of plants and those of the people adapt to each other.

A new appreciation of the beauty of nature

The exhibits in the vaulted cellar play with darkness and the unique ambience of the underground location. “Zeitlupe” is an installation that allows visitors to wind down, it changes their perception of time and meaning both visually and auditory. Descending into the castle cellar, visitors leave the rhythm of their everyday lives behind. Everything appears as if in slow motion. Instead of competing with the thousands of beautiful flowers on display at the garden show, the plants here are shown very differently - visitors gain a completely different perspective on the flowers and view them in a new light.

A total of five display cases are presented in the castle cellar, in which selected flowers poise in a cone of light. The staged flowers move gently on their pedestals. Viewing them closely, they seem to dance as if in slow motion. The light sources flash about 100 times per second. This flashing, together with the vibration of an engine moving the flowers, causes the illuminated objects to be seen only at certain times. But the human brain constructs a moving image from it, which now appears as if in slow motion. The music they move to is also created by slowing down. The chirping of crickets is played so slowly that it becomes a sublime melody, a concert of nature.

„The castle cellar has become a unique place in our garden show - these dancing flowers offer our visitors a very special experience. What a pity that we can only use the flower hall temporarily in this form.”

Matthias Klopfer, Mayor of Schorndorf

Concept and design by Milla & Partner, Flowers curated Gärtnerei Greiner, Technical by AtomStreet

  • Concept and design
  • Installation
  • Communication measures

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