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In times of digitalization and virtuality, the real experience has become all the more important. With specific references to the everyday life of visitors, the new permanent exhibition in the Money Museum in Frankfurt makes the complex work of a Central Bank palpable and understandable.

Flanked by exciting insights into the history of money, the exhibition expands to current issues in monetary policy. Aim of the Money Museum is to inform about the function of money, the tasks of the Central Bank and the importance of monetary stability. Milla & Partner links these abstract topics with real life examples, e.g explaing the value of money and price stability in a staged supermarket, or banks and cashless payments in a bank branch.

„The money Museum has now become a unique learning destination. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our visitors, young and old, to experience and understand the different facets of money and monetary policies.”

Dr. Benedikt Fehr, Head of Department for Economic Education

From cash and book money to monetary policy and global finances

All exhibition content is examined from a current and an historical perspective. The circular design of the exhibition makes it possible to switch easily between the two time levels, with the outer ring presenting topics from today's perspective and weaving them into everyday life, while the inner circle devotes itself to the past. Separate exhibition cabinets stage individual aspects of the history of money and take visitors on an exciting journey through time - immersing them in the Italian Renaissance and letting them discover the origins of modern banking in Italy or feel how the hyperinflation of 1923 impacted on the daily life of the people at that time.

The aura of the artifact ...

... was s special challenge, but the sensual physicality of money and gold is a big win for the exhibition.

Historical exhibits from the coin and paper money collection of the Deutsche Bundesbank emphasize the content. Visitors can especially perceive the special aura of these originals in the money cabinet, in which the highlights of the internationally renowned collection are displayed. To expose these valuable exhibits to the public demanded the consideration of strong protection requirements in the planning phase, e.g. in the construction of the cabinets or the air conditioning of the exhibition spaces. Because the money in this exhibition is truly worth a lot of money ...

  • Concept, design, planning and execution of the redesign of the exhibition including all space-defining measures
  • Concept of media content
  • Concept, design, planning, and design showcases
  • Concept, design, planning and execution cafeteria and kitchen
  • Integration of historical exhibits
  • planning and support cabinet setup
  • design content management system 
  • Support audio guide
  • Presentation of the exhibits
  • Text and editorial
  • Construction management

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