Hager Group

Hager Forum

Centre of knowledge transfer

Spatial and medial connections create multidimensional stories in the new Hager Forum in Oberna.

The new Hager Forum (architecture by Sauerbruch Hutton) has become a centre of knowledge and expertise, promoting the continuous exchange between employees, partners, customers and visitors. The 60-year history of the company is illustrated in the basement of the 7,140 sqm building. On the ground floor, two showrooms were designed with a central event area, meeting rooms, a café and shop, bringing the interplay of modern Hager technologies to life.

Origins – journey through time to the roots of the Hager group

The adventure begins in the basement, where guests are immersed into the history of the Hager group. An extensive timeline with historical images, earpieces, showcases and artifacts lets the visitors experience the spirit of 1955, the founding days. Interculturality and internationality played a formative role, even in the beginning, and have remained essential parameters for the success of the company until today. Informative and entertaining, the timeline forms an analog anti pole to the multimedial Force Field in the following room.

The exhibition can permanently adjust to Hager´s strong pace of innovation and the fast-growing portfolio - the media presentations are highly flexible and can be shown in different modes, depending on the occasion and audience, e.g. as fully automated show or in an interactive modus. The system enables an easy update and extension of media content and exhibits.

Force Field - what drives the people behind the brand

Opposite the timeline, a tripod-shaped power and projection field emotionally draws visitors into the inner world of Hager. In the expansive multimedia installation they can discover what drives the people behind the brand, and meet founders and visionaries, workers and developers from face to face. The values and facets of the company, which within 60 years has grown from a three-man operation to a multinational family-owned company with more than 11,400 employees, can be felt at a personal level. When the Force Field is set from show into exhibition mode, visitors can experience the historical milestones through palpable innovations and products which have initiated a new technological era.

Showrooms - spatial picture stories convey complex systems

For the two showrooms "smart home" and "commercial buildings", Milla & Partner created spatial stories with a vibrant atmosphere radiating into the Foyer and beyond. They show exemplary present and future application scenarios. Pictures come to life on surfaces and objects and make visible to users what usually remains obscure: how intelligently networked technology enables the various components of Hager to perfectly act together. Real products are transformed into interaction tools, which visitors can use to access content in different media formats. The showroom "smart home" for example shows how system solutions make certain home situations more comfortable and secure.

  • Concept, design, planning and execution of the redesign of the exhibition including all space-defining measures
  • Concept, design, and programming of media content
  • Development of a touch interface for retrieving individual contents
  • Development and presentation of the exhibits

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