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Interactive Laser projection

Technology from the future

Development and UX-DESIGN for a tiny Laserbeamer: with its optical recognition, content of any kind can be projected onto any surface, enabling total invidual interaction for users.

For over a year, UX-designers and developers from the Milla & Partner Innovation Lab worked together with colleagues from Bosch Sensortec on their ground-breaking new development, an interactive mini Laserbeamer. A range of applications for the tiny projector were developed in this collaborative research project. The results were applications for highlight exhibits at various trade fairs in Hannover, Las Vegas and Barcelona. However, the focus of the exhibits never lay on the technology itself - it was employed only as a medium for simple, interactive display of information and as a means of artistic expression.


As a first scenario, the mini projector was fused with a robot assistant from the Robert Bosch GmbH ATMO division into a real-time human machine interface. These two innovative technologies were merged to a prototype and successfully presented to the public at the booth of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research at the Hanover Fair 2016. The robotic arm became an interactive user, and demonstrated exciting new possibilities of the mini Laserbeamers.

Following the Hanover exhibition, more applications were examined and developed. Parts of the technology were then integrated into the famed Bosch coffee bar at CES Las Vegas  2017. Visitors to the Bosch stand selected their coffee via a projected, interactive button and were then served by a coffee-making robot – high-tech and first-class service combined with real great coffee ...

„One robot rose above the rest when it came to customer service. Hands down the Bosch cappuccino robot gave the best customer service.”

Patrick Holland,


For the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, the team advanced design and development: the mini Beamer now evolved into a Light Button. This laser-projected interface demonstrated the possibilities of  integrating of the module in the Internet of Things. Simultaneously, the Light Button can act as a button, switch or game element. Object recognition was also incorporated, allowing users to start and control a variety of interactions via tokens as soon as they were placed under the Light Button. A convincingly staged product presentation that wowed the audience at this year's MWC. So much so that Mobilegeeks wrote a wonderful article about it:

„The exciting developments in the Internet of Things are advancing at an amazing pace and Bosch Sensortec continues to drive innovations. It is not just about how devices communicate or sense their surrounding environments, but increasingly about how technology interacts with human beings. Laser projected virtual interfaces are a new fascinating solution in a world of previously undreamed of opportunities.”

Stefan Finkbeiner, CEO of Bosch Sensortec
  • Concept, design
  • Exhibit design
  • Motion-design 
  • Technical development
  • Front- and backend programming
  • Robotic Programming
  • Implementation
  • On-site support

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