Milla & Partner Innovation Lab


NO_THING: analog digital world

Milla & Partner´s Innovation Lab has developed a cutting-edge new technology that transforms objects of daily use into interactive media surfaces - creating a palpable digital world.

It has been dubbed „NO_THING“ because this technology is not bound to a specific device or object. It premiered in the German Pavilion at the EXPO in Milan, with visitors using a piece of cardboard as control unit or an umbrella as monitor. What makes NO_THING so fascinating to the user is the complete absence of a perception of technology. Images, films or interactive information simply appear - as projection onto the chosen object or as spatial media installations.

A seemingly magical interaction

The interaction is not controlled by two-dimensional gestures, such as with smartphones, but by spatial movements, which are adjusted individually to each scenario and allow a maximum of intuitive control. This seemingly magical interaction is possible by using light: via infrared markers, the system detects the position and motion of the object in hand.

„With NO_THING, we can turn almost any everyday object into an interactive tool, enabling the user to control, shape and individually explore media.”

Thomas Frenzel, Milla & Partner Innovation Lab

Milla & Partner´s lab can turn almost anything into a NO_THING. In the German Expo Pavilion, for example, it´s a piece of corrugated cardboard called the „SeedBoard“ which all visitors receive as a personal exhibition guide. It´s also an umbrella, used in the Pavilion's exhibition area „Climate“. Here, Expo visitors can navigate through the various stages of climate change with a familiar movement – simply by rotating the umbrella.

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